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About us




Do you know that the table is not just a table? Wardrobe - not wardrobe. And the shelf - not quite a shelf...

Passing through the conference table you smile, because you have just signed a successful sales contract. At home you are glad to have your best friend - roomy wardrobe - which safely shelters straggling items when unexpected guests appear. Returning home after a hard working day, you enter the kitchen, and here you are greeted by your wife‘s surprise - just baked biscuits lie on the new shelf - the same biscuits you were treated on your first date. It happened long time ago, but the heart still flutters out of luck. We have told you that the furniture is not just a furniture. It is the feeling, provided by our experienced craftsmen, who create hand-made pieces that accompany you during all the life in everyday situations.

This feeling unites us since 2009, when our solid team, like elves, have founded a magical factory of custom-made furniture, stairs and other products, where each item has its own individual soul. We have already 19 elves, who take care that all the furniture are made with love and devotion.

Work processes and guarantees


Subtlety, elegance, naturalness and comfortable functionality - all those features combine in our produced furniture. We do not produce just for the eyes. We create not only nice but also ergonomic furniture that accompany their master in the road of life, each time revealing their new colors, strengths and becoming indispensable. After listening all of your needs, our elves will present you the project, and after your approval we will start the production. All the details will be thought out carefully, because our purpose is to merge them together into a harmonious whole, so that they reflect your personality like a mirror.

Our motto - "do everything perfectly at the first time". Professional staff approach, high quality materials and creative design allow us producing long-lasting furniture, serving you many years.

And yet, if one of our elves’ hand trembles, we will bravely take responsibility. We give up to 24 months guarantee for all the components and assembled parts of our manufactured products, which means that we will remove all the completeness or quality shortages by our own expense.





Our biggest values ​​- quality, attention to the details and listening to customer's wishes. We do not foist you things what you do not need. It‘s YOU, who dictate all the conditions, and we share our experience, ideas and inspiration with you.

You will ask, what inspires us? Well, do not be surprised if sometimes you meet our elf-designer wading in the meadow of the flowers. Here he is looking for an inspiration while producing little Eve‘s new bed. And if you notice our elf-projector thoroughly looking over centenarian oak from all the sides, be assured - he analyzes the essence of this tree strength and is already preparing in his mind the drawings of how to produce new massive staircase for client Thomas’ homestead.

Yes, we know our customers and we constantly keep in touch with them. Just knowing you perfectly, we can understand what kind of furniture you actually need, and focus all our attention and energy to the smallest details. Because our furniture - is not a massive production. Each of them is a unique, distinctive, has its own character and, above all, created personally for you.



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